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"Lilly" Ikat 3-in-1 (Crossbody/ Wristlet/ Clutch)

  • 44.00

Lilly 3-in-1, here’s a bag everyone can use. Featuring a complicated ikat fabric pattern, scroll over the image to see it.

Detach the crossbody strap to use as a wristlet, or detach the wristlet strap to use as a clutch!

The “four peddle” ikat in the Lilly is handwoven and meticulously dyed in a village in southern Laos.  The skill required to make ikat is astounding, requiring the dying of the threads and patterns BEFORE weaving.

  • handwoven ikat using natural indigo dye
  • 52″ cotton strap AND 12" wristlet strap (both detachable)
  • zippered closure with leather zipper pull
  • orange cotton lining
  • chrome metal parts.
  •  11.5" W X 9" H

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