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Shibori "Summer of Love" Mask -- with head ties or ear loops

  • 14.00

Calling your inner Flower Child in the age of CoronaV!

It's a look reminiscent of the Summer of Love, 1967, when students and people of all ages rebelled against war, the police, and "the system" in general. Sound familiar?  

Shibori is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding cloth around an object, in our case a 6" piece of wood, pressing the wood tightly with clamps and string, and immersing the whole into a bath of indigo. Once removed and unfolded, the results are always unique and surprising, with no two cloths emerging alike!  

The cloth we use is a lightweight cotton handwoven in Laos by skilled weavers, and the Shibori dyeing process is done by other villagers who were trained by a Japanese non profit. 

Choose either the white elastic ear-loop style, or white behind-the-head ties. Both styles ship with adjustable toggles for a perfect fit. 

The lining is a tightly woven, machine cotton blend for double-layer protection. Perfect for warmer days and nights, at the beach or work—and anywhere in between.

Support for traditional weavers and other artisans in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia is the core of Wooven’s economic development mission. A new generation of talent is being trained in these skills while we develop modern products for conscientious consumers around the world. 

Care: machine or hand wash in cold water with dark colors using mild detergent.  Dry on medium heat, or air dry flat.  Use medium iron if necessary.  Some minor shrinkage is to be expected. No need to remove toggles during washing and drying.

Note: For personal protection only-- not of medical grade


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