UXO "Tear Drop" Earrings
UXO "Tear Drop" Earrings

UXO "Tear Drop" Earrings

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Creative crafts people in Laos are turning remnants of war into beautiful jewelry.

Made from aluminum shell casings of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other military hardware, this jewelry has captured our imagination. 

During the Vietnam war, the US dropped millions of tons of bombs on Vietnam--as well as on neighboring Laos and Cambodia in the so-called “secret war”. Many of these weapons did not explode on impact and remain even today in the ground throughout rural Indochina, especially in Laos.  Despite years of demining, UXO still kills children and farmers when they accidently make contact with buried bombs.

UXO jewelry is an amazing story of victims turning the remnants of war into something beautiful, like the proverbial "missiles into plowshares" from the Cold War era.

Wearing or gifting their jewelry is a meaningful footnote to a chapter of US history we hope is never repeated. 

The earrings are 2" long including the ear loop.