"Autumnal" Cotton Scarf/Wrap
"Autumnal" Cotton Scarf/Wrap

"Autumnal" Cotton Scarf/Wrap

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The colors in the Autumnal Throw come from a wide range of sources such as persimmon, mugwort, onion peel, tea, soil, leaves, and bark. Gorgeous rich colors make this irresistible! Use as a shawl or throw.

And rock the pandemic with a matching face mask!

Our "Village" fabrics are handwoven in northern Laos in a centuries-old tradition using only natural dyes. The women weaving these textiles are supported by farmers who grow the cotton, the gatherers who hunt for the natural dyestuff, and the traditional colorists who prepare the threads in vats of dye. 

Real natural for people who care how their fashion is made.

    • handwoven cotton
    • ~32"W X 76"L
    • Machine wash gentle cycle with lukewarm water and small amount of mild detergent. Machine dry low temp. Iron medium heat.